I’m not sure if I could have said this better myself… Sadaf said, “In these times it is humbling to see celebrities like Heidi Klum carrying a under $300 bag from Michael by Michael Kors (okay, barely under $300 but at least you don’t need to be on a waiting list to get the bag). She had the color “leather luggage” and was using it as a combo diaper bag. Cute bag don’t you think?” I do love when bags are being carried because they are beautiful and versatile and not just because a celeb is carrying them. I think many of you will agree with this.  Cheap michael kors bags .The Michael Kors “Astor” Large Satchel is a beautiful bag fit for a star (with the not too shabby price tag). If you like to carry lots of your necessities (or not-so-necessities), this large satchel can help you tote your needs around town. Made of soft leather with beautifully seamed detail and nickel stud detail, Michael Kors brought in beauty with functionality. Some other features include a top two-way zip closure, and inside pockets; including inside zip, pouch and cell phone pockets. The dimensions are 14″ W x 10″ H x 5″ D, which makes this bag a pretty nice size. If any of you love this handbag just like Sadaf, head over to cheapmichaelbagsus store.



This lady you don’t see much of other than on 11 pm re-runs of Will and Grace- it is the lovely Debra Messing! Now I am a huge fan of the show- just love it. I love Jack and Will quite a bit more than Grace. I think Karen’s voice could drive anyone insane but she makes up for it in humor. Just love it. Grace, Cheap michael kors bags .Debra Messing, was recently at Michael Kors with Michael himself showing off quite the beautiful clutch. I love it! I’m a sucker for big clutches and this one is quite a beauty. Debra is embracing the photographer but Michael seems to be staring off into space. Earth to Michael- the camera is over here!
Oh yea- if you can’t tell by the enormously obscuring atrocious watermark- this picture sure was taken by the UK Press. I can’t find this clutch on their site, but feel free to browse others there!


P.S. To those who follow our blog religiously,I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s a new category!The Bag Deals cover affordable bags and deals on chic bags that deserve being mentioned and shared. Cheap michael kors bags .I know we tend to cover bags of the expensive spectrum most of the time,this new category should bring some balance into things.
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